A Cheat Sheet for Optimizing Your Copy To Digest in 1 Minute or Less

  • Make your description sound bigger than it is. It’s not grey, it’s gun-metal grey. Use more adjectives.
  • Make the copy easy to understand. Simplify the products USP (unique selling point). It’s not a system for optimizing dynamic customer flow, it’s software to drive more sales.
  • Make the product sound inexpensive by undermining your competitors. Use lines like why pay more? Or like X, but half the price.
  • Make it sound high-quality if it’s not cheap. Do this by highlighting the craftsmanship and exclusivity to make your price seem justified.
  • Make it stand out with a USP, such as the world’s first fully diamond car key.
  • Make it a solution to a problem — Bad breath? X toothpaste eradicates the bacteria that cause bad breath with just 1 brush.
  • Make the features and benefits clear. A condensed article is a feature — The benefit is so you can learn more in less time.