Poor People Can Only Afford To Be Young When They’re Old

courtesy of John Pucay


Growing up, I always envied kids who could afford to be immature. I wanted to rebel and hang out at malls and go to beaches or trips or whatever. But a fully-lived youth isn’t free. It requires resources that not everyone could afford.

It started with a Big Mac. Followed by a portable DVD player. Then a camera (for school), a laptop, and my first set of brand-name clothes.

A lesson on unfair advantage

I met a guy in Saigon; a friendly chef from Eugene, Oregon, who taught me about an important word.

The recipe of youth

I learned from books and movies that youth, or the feeling of youth, has a recipe. That recipe is generally made up of three things: Romantic Love, Passionate Dreams, and Adventures.

If you’re poor as a kid, but you’re still broke AF as an adult

I’m still mostly broke. I can afford a big mac now and then, but I still need a few hundred more dollars a month to reach middle-class status. Obviously, my story won’t qualify for a clickbait rags-to-riches story. (It’s more like rags-to-patched-up rags. And happier).

We can’t let ourselves be too shackled by responsibility, unfair consequences, and all that old people shit.

This could mean making concrete plans to travel for a wider worldview. Or exploring the dating pool more, if you’ve missed out on youthful romances. Or simply getting off the hamster wheel of dull work to unwind and reflect.